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Under 2? Rear-facing for you!

Under 2? Rear-facing for you!

  It is something that parents do on an almost daily basis, and you probably don’t think twice about it.  Putting your kiddos into their car seat when you head out on the road.  But did you know that studies estimate that 75% of car seats are installed or used...

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An Image of Heartbreak

This image. Of all of the images I have seen so far today, this is the one that leaves me absolutely heartbroken and sobbing.  Look at that precious little girl in a beautiful dress with a delicate string of pearls and an expression that is wrought with unimaginable...

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Look for the helpers

Mister Rogers was a wise man.  Not only did I grow up wanting to be his neighbor and travel by trolley to the Neighborhood of Make Believe, but now as an adult and a parent of 3 small children, I find that many of his quotes in regards to children hold such...

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Swaddling 101

Achieving the perfect swaddle, or baby burrito as I often call it, can certainly take some practice!  It is amazing how wiggly 8 pounds of baby can be!  Check out the video above for quick demonstration of how to swaddle your baby in both swaddle blankets as well as...

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Eureka Zika!

UPDATED 1/25/16 Your bags are packed, passport in hand, a great new read is downloaded on your Kindle, and you are all set to jet off to a wonderfully tropical destination in the Caribbean or Mexico.  But before you board that plane, if you have a growing bundle of...

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‘Tis the Season

The signs of Fall are all around us…pumpkin spice flavored EVERYTHING, leggings and riding boots in all the storefronts, and twinkling Christmas lights beginning to adorn the aisles of Hobby Lobby.  It seems we may even be getting those nice Fall temperatures in...

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Top 10 car seat mistakes

As the last part of this series on car seats, I want to address the top mistakes that I see being made when it comes to car seats.  Some studies indicate that at least 75% of car seats are either used inappropriately or installed incorrectly!  So read on to make sure...

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