20141127 thanksgiving


So what are you thankful for? Between the many plates of food and the great football games (Gig’Em Aggies!), today is a day to reflect on the many things in life that we are thankful for including family, friends, health, and freedom. But what about through the eyes of young children? Asking what they are thankful for serves as a window into a world of innocence, happiness, and joy. When I asked my two oldest what they were thankful for this year, here are their responses:

Mr. J- “I am thankful for presents.”


Miss M- “I am thankful for princesses.”

Oh, to be 2 and 4 years old! In their wonderful little minds, there is no worry about sickness, no concern over political tensions around the world, and no thoughts of loneliness. It is inevitable that the stressors of the world slowly creep into our reality as we age, but sometimes, just for a moment, it would be nice to go back to a time of pure innocence and carefree thought. This Thanksgiving I am, of course, thankful for all of the blessings that God has given me in my life including my family and their health, my friends, and my wonderful job, but I am also thankful to have little reminders that sometimes simple everyday things like presents and princesses can make you happier than anything. Happy Thanksgiving!