The vaccine discussion has certainly been re-ignited with the recent outbreak of a disease once considered eradicated in the US, measles.  I had the opportunity today to talk with WBRZ News 2 at Four’s Brittany Weiss about three very common vaccine myths and concerns.  You can check out the segment above.

At the bottom of this post, I have included several links to various scientific studies as well as scientifically sound and reputable websites that address the three vaccine myths that I addressed today in the news segment. If you have a question about these myths or are wondering about any other topics dealing with vaccines (the possibilities are endless when it comes to discussing vaccines), send me an email at, and I would be happy to discuss it with you.  I will also plan to compile a list of questions that I receive and make them into a post for the future. Hopefully, by discussing some of these common questions and concerns about vaccines, parents will feel confident in their decision to protect their children with life-saving vaccinations.  After all, knowledge is power. - Great site from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia that covers the spectrum of vaccines including information about each vaccine, the schedule of vaccines to common questions and concerns, etc.