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Under 2? Rear-facing for you!

Under 2? Rear-facing for you!

  It is something that parents do on an almost daily basis, and you probably don’t think twice about it.  Putting your kiddos into their car seat when you head out on the road.  But did you know that studies estimate that 75% of car seats are installed or used...

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Tackling SIDS

SIDS- Sudden infant death syndrome.  There is no other acronym that strikes more fear and angst in a parent than SIDS.  Whether it is your first child or your 10th child, this is a worry that no amount of experience can completely erase.  As a pediatrician, I cannot...

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A cause for outrage

If you or your family member has serious, life threatening allergic reactions, called anaphylaxis, then you are very familiar with the image above.  For everyone else, this is an EpiPen which contains a dose of a medication called epinephrine that can be lifesaving in...

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A Storm Without a Name

Devastation. It is all around us. “You can expect rain for the next week or so.”  That was the forecast from last week for here in Southern Louisiana…Baton Rouge to be exact.  It started on Thursday with our “typical” summer afternoon shower, but...

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Twas the night before kindergarten

  As I sit here tonight, I am filled with a mix of emotion.  I will put my first born on a school bus tomorrow morning that will whisk him off to his first day of Kindergarten.  He is so excited! I have not let him see my tears that start streaming down my face...

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Your Best Protection

If there is a mosquito within a 1 mile radius, it will find me.  I am that person in the family that mosquitos seem to love which my husband finds as a convenient thing for him.  Unfortunately, my two boys, Mr. J and Mr. L, “inherited” this trait from me.  Not only do...

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It’s Here

It was only a matter of time.  On July 29, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) announced the first 4 cases of Zika virus that were acquired through the bite of the Aedes mosquito here in the United States (Florida to be exact), and on August 1st, another 10 cases...

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An Image of Heartbreak

This image. Of all of the images I have seen so far today, this is the one that leaves me absolutely heartbroken and sobbing.  Look at that precious little girl in a beautiful dress with a delicate string of pearls and an expression that is wrought with unimaginable...

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